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Easy Cookie Dough Ice-Cream Recipe

Posted on: July 30, 2022 by Mo

You could buy cookie dough ice-cream – and there are certainly some yummy ones out there – or you could make your own, using our super-easy recipe.

Say “home-made ice-cream” and most people think they need a machine, or they are going to have to spend ages removing it from the freezer frequently and mixing it up with a fork to stop crystals forming.

You don’t actually have to do any of that. Condensed milk is a magical ingredient for home-made ice-cream, adding delicious sweetness and creating a wonderful ice-cream that is creamy and smooth. No need for that machine after all. (And let’s face it, an ice-cream machine is one of those kitchen gadgets that very seldom gets used.)

Let’s get started:

Easy Vanilla Ice-Cream

  • ½ tin condensed milk (397g size)
  • 600ml double cream
  • 1tsp vanilla extract, or two vanilla pods, seeds scraped out
  1. Whisk the double cream and condensed milk together until thick (it’s easiest to use an electric mixer or do it in your food mixer) and fairly stiff. Add in the vanilla extract or vanilla seeds and combine well.
  2. Place in a shallow plastic tub or loaf tin (which you then cover with cling film) and freeze. Allow two to three hours for freezing.
  3. To make the cookie dough ice-cream, take the finished ice-cream out of the freezer 15 minutes beforehand. Take a packet of your favourite Mo’s Cookie Dough – chocolate chip works very well with vanilla ice-cream – and cut into small-ish chunks (about one centimetre cubes). Remember – do not use cookie dough that has been frozen beforehand.
  4. Mix the cookie dough with the softened ice-cream and place back in the freezer until you need it. This will keep for about one week, but we don’t think it will be hanging around for that long…


Finally, what should you do with that left over condensed milk? Funny you should ask, as we have the perfect solution. Condensed milk also makes a lovely caramel sauce. Here’s the recipe:

  • ½ can condensed milk (your left-overs from the vanilla ice-cream)
  • 225g golden caster sugar
  • 60g unsalted butter
  • 1tsp vanilla extract
  • 60ml whole milk
  1. Place the condensed milk and sugar in a thick-bottomed saucepan and allow to melt slowly until the sugar is dissolved, stirring from time to time to stop the sugar sticking.
  2. Remove from the heat and add the vanilla, butter and milk and stir well. Allow to cool slightly and serve with your ice-cream.

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