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Our Story

Mo’s Cookie Dough is the brainchild of Morag Pavich – a Scottish-American entrepreneur, mother of three and self-confessed cookie-lover. Morag acquired her cookie-habit as a child growing up in California, where she swears she was weaned on cookie dough.

Thirty years later and back in Scotland, she became well-known amongst her friends for being able to produce delicious home-baked cookies at a moment’s notice, while holding down a full-time career and raising her family. The secret was in her freezer… stocked with rolls of hand-made cookie dough, that could be conveniently sliced and baked in ten minutes, with no fuss, no mess, and perfect results each time.

After the birth of her third child, Morag was looking for ways to rebalance her work and family life. She also had a long-standing ambition to launch her own business that reflected her passion for social enterprise. She realised that she could combine all these… and indulge her love of cookies!

She set up Mo’s Cookie Dough to allow anyone to make great-tasting cookies. The product combines the convenience of American-style pre-packaged cookie dough, with high-quality Scottish ingredients.