Valentine’s Day Cookie Love

Posted on: February 4, 2023 by Mo's Cookie Dough

I’m delighted to be involved with Scotland’s Year of Food and Drink throughout 2015. Locally sourced, Scottish ingredients are part of what makes Mo’s Cookie Dough so delicious. Each month is themed to inspire your own journey with Scottish Food and Drink. I’m especially excited this month as February is one of my favourites- The Food of Love! 

For me chocolate is The Food of Love and if it’s served melted inside a chocolate chip cookie then all the better! So if you want to share the cookie love this month we’ve got the perfect gift wrapping solution, including a free printable. Here’s how:

Mo’s Cookie Dough Valentine’s Gift Packs


You will need:


For the Cookies:

Mo’s Cookie Dough Chocolate Chip

heart shaped cookie cutter (optional)


For the Gift Pack:

1 sheet printable sticker paper

6 inch square greaseproof paper

7 inch square coloured paper



1. Make your cookies! Slice off discs for round cookies, or use a rolling pin and a cookie dough cutter to create heart shaped cookies. Pop in the oven for 8-10 minutes and leave to cool.


2. Whilst your cookies are cooling, use your sticker paper to print off our Valentine’s printables. Cut out each strip and leave to the side.


3. Once your cookies are cool, place a couple in the centre of a square of greaseproof paper. Fold three of the corners in to the centre to create an envelope with the top flap open. Secure with tape.


3. Place your greaseproof envelope in the centre of your square of coloured paper with the open flap pointing towards the top corner. Again, fold in three of the corners to the centre, leaving the top flap open. Secure with tape, being careful to ensure it won’t be seen once the pack is finished.


4. Choose one of the print out strips. Fold down the final flap of your cookie envelope. Remove the backing from your sticker and use this to seal the flap.


5. Spread some cookie love with all your family and friends!


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